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Genomics and Biology. Biotechnology and genomics.
Use of Biotechnology

Biotechnology in its broadest sense means the application of all natural sciences and engineering in the direct or indirect use of living organism or parts of organisms in their natural or modified form, in an innovative manner in the production of goods and services and/or to improve existing industrial processes. The market application of the modern biotechnology techniques is typically in the general areas of human health care, agriculture and food production, industrial bio processing and other public good and environment settings.

Thus biotechnology refers to a set of technologies that involve understanding, mapping, manipulation or change of the genetic characteristics of a living organism.

Following is the application of modern biotechnology techniques in various fields ranging from agricultural application to industrial processes.

Healthcare biotechnology
Gene therapy
Bioactive therapeutic
Clinical and contract research

Agricultural Biotechnology
Hybrid seeds
Plant extraction
Plant genetic engineering
Tissue culture in planting

Industrial Biotechnology
Industrial enzymes
Fermented products
Microbial strains

Environment Biotechnology
Effluent and waste water management
Development of Germplasms

Medical News
Biotech Sites
Biotech Blogs
Biotech Drugs

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