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A regular roundup of the best blog posts on biotechnology

Covering Explosive Growth in Biotechnology, Research, Diagnostic, & Pharmaceutical Markets.

Biotechnology Blog

What started as a diary of the trials and tribulations of starting my own public relations firm, and has transitioned into commentary - my opinions and views - on public relations, publicity and other things that strike my fancy

Explore Recent Posts on Biotechnology blogs! .

The global life sciences research community. A bold blog-based experiment to create the world’s largest independent life sciences community of discovery. ...

Searchable database of government regulatory pages, biomedical, bioinformatics, chemical engineering and other related links

Consults on biotechnology with provinces, industry and the community. Contains the summary reports of the Halifax meeting and a list of participants.

Biotechnology Research Tools - Database of pages covering various topics in the field. Selected by bioscientists.

BioTech Professional Resources - Portal includes links to careers, research facility programs, organizations, regulations, events, and companies related to the field. Compiled by Indiana University.

Portal of companies, tutorials, and information sites. From the University of New Mexico.

Biotechnology Information Centre - Articles about the use of genetically modified crops in countries around the world, especially in the Malaysian area.

Site provides technical information, news, events to registered users on biotechnology with a focus on South East Asia, maintained at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi.

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