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Blog by: Sagar Joseph

From a non biotech background, amazed by the potential of this technology and its contribution to the current world, let me try to blog something on Biotechnology in my own words.

Biotechnology, is it just the use of living things to make products or a set of biological techniques developed through basic research? is this just a technology applied to research and product development? Is this use of recombinant DNA techniques? i think, may be it is the industrial application of living organisms.

Well, whatever the technical definition, this is not just yesterday's technology that can be ignored or today's technology that can be maintained as it is. To me this is more like tomorrow's technology too that deserves real real focus.

The more and more i learned about biotechnology, the more often i ask this question to myself "Can you imagine a world without Biotechnology?" The answer i got always convinced me to think of an on-line destination, www.123biotech.com to share all the news and views from different biotech experts, sites and blogs.

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